I like two guy's and I don't know what to do about it?

I like two guy's and I don't know what to do about it?

so i met this guy 3months ago and I can tell he likes me but is to shy to do anything about it, he's super sweet and kind but I definitely had some serious second thought on him sometimes, he's really let me down before and act's immature and he cares more about what his friends think of him then dating me which sometimes makes me really angry and up set as it makes me feel unimportant and a silly fool for flirting with him and that I shouldn't sit on the shelf and just wait for him to grow some when I've got plenty of men queuing to have a chance with me and this when the other guy comes in, I've only just started taking a interest in him lately as I didn't like him that much when we first met as I thought he was grumpy and bossy with me but now I can see that was his way of showing he cares for me, I've started seeing him in a totally different light, he's so much maturer and respectful of me than this other guy, we have a lot more in common and he's super hot as well but Im not actually sure if he likes me and not my older sister and that's why he's being nice to me all a sudden. I know it would brake the other guys heart if I went with this other guy but the bitch me says "fuck him he's hurt you plenty of times, time for him to feel some pain".


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  • If you have doubts about choosing between two guys then NEITHER of them is right for you

  • Even I like threesome but it's not advisable choose the one & only

  • You should try threesoms. Just go for it.


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