Should I be mad at my boyfriend getting drunk?

Recently my boyfriend of two years has been complaining about his job because it is not a good work place. He is always stressed out and I'm the only person who hears it. Not that I don't want to hear it, but I always encourage him and tell him to think positive and help him find jobs. I want to destress him. That day we were suppose to celebrate Christmas together since we can't on the 25th, he is broke so I got his Christmas presents which I don't mind I love doing it, but he literally got me nothing, not even a card l and then he says "I kinda forgot we were doing this." This kinda hurt my feelings because I am always the one to plan things and then I hear this. He then got called into work and we only spend an hour together. And we rarely see each other, like only once a week for a few hours, and for that hour we hung out he finished his Christmas shopping for his family, which I don't usually mind, but we only had an hour so I thought we could cuddle or start a Christmas movie I don't know, So then I found this really good company he could work for and I updated his resume and submitted an application online. I did all his paperwork and all he had to do was show up to an unscheduled interview the next morning. He asked me to find a job for him and to update everything and I had no problem doing it. He promised he would do this for me, but I found out he got super drunk with his friends, who he sees all the time, and told me he wasn't going to do it and would do it later. I am just upset with the fact that after all I do for him he couldn't do this one thing for me. I don't ask for much and I am understanding, but I am tired of doing this for a year and a half now. I don't care about materials I just want to see effort Him wanting time with me and to make sacrifices like I do for him. I sold some of my clothes during college so he could have gas money, I do a lot and can't go into detail but for some reason this really upsetted me, how do I approach this
Should I be mad at my boyfriend getting drunk?
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