Too tall? Too curly?

OK, a girl who's 5'11", skinny (not a stick but not fat), has ringlet blond hair. I get compliments on my hair from girls all the time, but guys have never said anything... And the height is another thing. I've always been tall for my age and I'm still in high school so all the guys aren't finished growing. I hope! But anyway they say stuff about how tall I am all the time! They're just messing with me, in a funny way. Not like making fun of me. What does that mean? And the hair... Is all ringlets too much? Opinions appreciated


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  • Since most girls won't date shorter guys, you are limited to men who are 6'1" and taller. Of course, since most girls like very tall guys, those guys can date any girl. So you are competing with a lot women for a small number of very tall men. I don't think men care about hair that much to comment on ringlets or whatever.


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