The Laws Of Sex?

How quickly do you know when you want to have sex with someone you attracted to...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol. It’s hard to tell with a guy, because we can’t see their dick size. If they’re for some reason in their underwear or we’re at the beach then I can tell if I wanna bed them. 😝

    • Well it's safe to say dick size matters for you ! Lol or does it? If you see a shrimpy on a confident man is it a deal breaker?

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    • What's big enough? It's a game of inches baby ! Lol or does width Trump length any day?

    • Can I have both girth and length? Lmao!!

Most Helpful Guy

  • As a man it’s easier to decide due to the fact we have less attachment emotionally with sex then women but it’s almost immediately it’s just what we choose to act on initially.

    • Well I believe emotions come with time but the sexual tension is created the moment we soak in the body... so a quick up and down glance for men and bam look at that ass those tits that curve... where as with women... You don't find a lot who stare at the junk... they keep there heads up... and like lady friend above stated they catch the personality before the sexual tension... I don't believe emotions have any business in the bedroom and it is easier to separate for men than for women... most women not all most men not all !

    • Well said just emotions is the thing that makes casual sex to love making

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What Girls Said 1

  • Within the first 5 seconds of seeing them for the first time.

    • Nice ! So why do some women make excuses to not act on that sexual tension? Is it the fear of being shamed by the man? Which... I believe men are dicks for doing that... we shame women who are sexually available and then complain about prudence ! I believe we must understand ourselves mentally before seeking sexual partners so we know which ones to target ! The ones with like minds so that no damage can be done in the long run !

    • @fadulito Can you please send that comment to all the guys in the world please?

What Guys Said 3

  • the instant i see her.

    the instant she says something/does something amazingly charming and hot.

    when we are half naked and about to fuck.

  • i think faster than i can register that signal

  • the first few seconds.


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