Why do so many women claim it doesn't mater how a man is dressed, yet base whether she'd date him on how he's dressed?

I know it applies to both sexes but since I'm male and only date females, it only affects me if a woman based that on if she'd date me or not.

Women claim that men can dress as he wants, yet wouldn't date a man if he was dressed how he wants if she doesn't approve. That means that he can not dress as he pleases because how he is dressed affects whether you would date him or not. If you say he is free to dress that way but you wouldn't date him if he chose to dress that way, it would be a dichotomy because he can't dress as he wanted as in doing so meant he was in non accordance to your standard.

If you think a man can wear short shorts, high heels and a crop top if he wants to, then don't hold it against him if he did want to as a reason not to date him. That means you really don't want him to dress as he pleases because that affects your decision as if you'd date him or not.


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  • because girls look for a good personality (and looks+money+social status, even number of likes under your fb profile pic)


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