There’s a girl I’ve been talking to. Everything was going okay. Went out twice. We enjoyed ourself

We were suppose to go out today. She texted me earlier though & said “Sooooo I heard the roads are really bad”

I automatically assumed she just wanted to get out of the plans. So I told her “they are. Maybe some other time.” She said “oh okay.”

Then she followed up with “I hope you don’t think I was making an excuse! I just wasn’t sure what your plan was. Or where we were going. I just want you to be safe.
I’m sorry if what I said came across as rude”

I told her “you’re completely fine! Like I said, some other time”

Our mutual friend called her and sneakily got info from her. I guess she took it as I was mean. And that I barely show interest. (I don’t want to scare her off) I show her interest and plan dates that’s all. She’s very attractive so she gets tons of attention.

So I just now called her (hours after) and apologized and said we had a misunderstanding. She said “okay.” I asked her how her day was and was short and didn’t even ask how my day was or anything. Then we hung up.

Did I screw it all up? What should I do. Please help
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