How do I get high school girls to like me?

So im a 17 year old senior in high school. I have never kissed a girl or done anything with a girl. I've never been in a relarionship with a girl.

The sad part is that its not like I haven't had chances with amazing girls. I waited too long to ask one girl out, I never talked to this other girl. There have been many girls who liked me and I just never knew how to talk to them.

Now, in senior year, I have finally started talking to girls more. Even still, a girl I've liked since last year rejected me for somebody else and I dont know where to go now.

A little backround info on me :
Im 6 foot 1
Pretty good looking
Always smell good
Star player of the soccer team and track team
Do well in school
Usually wear athletic clothes / jacket & sweatpants

Im pretty popular, and I talk to a lot of people, but things never seem to work out with the girls I like. I've tried the nice guy approach and got friendzones. Im currently tring the fun asshole approach but I don't know how thats going. I even tried the tell her you like her before youve ever interacted before approach (also didn't work).

Going down the hall, I get looks and stares from many girls, mostly those younger than I am.

My biggest problems are that I rarely initiate any interaction that you may consider to be flirting or showing interest. I tend to make friends, wait too long, reveal my feelings after she has lost interest, and get friend-zoned.
My other problem is that I get stuck crushing on one girl, think about her day and night, and dont talk to anyone else until this particular girl either loses interest or we srsrt going out.

So, I know what im doing wrong, but what works for the rest of you. I go to a very small school, so we all know each other, and I just want to get a girlfriend who i really like ajd care about at this point so what do high school girls look for in a guy and how do I make myself more attractive to them?


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  • You could start by not posing as a 23 year old online. Creepy ass behavior like that usually turns girls off.

    • I just screwed up when making the account and i can't change it back now. It says in the question that im 17

    • Hahahaha... Well... Its still creepy and can cause misunderstanding

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  • Stop worrying so much about it. Self confidence is more important than any of that other crap.

  • Im 18 and I had a girlfriend in the past... Never Kissed a Girl... But That thing can wait... its a hassle (lol)

  • Ewww gross she is a teenage, find some one mature ( not physical)

    • I just messed up when making the account. Im a 17 year old senior, just like it says in the question.

    • Hahahahahahahaha

    • Hey my bad I though you are a perv trying to pick up underage girls anyway don't worry about it too much just go and tell her they like honesty

  • You're 23, the fact that your going after a highschool student is sad


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