Why did he say "that's effed up"?

i went on a date with this guy. he asked me when are we going to be official. i told him "i don't know if you're effing with me. i didn't know if he was being for real. he then says "that's fuked up"? why did he say that


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  • Cause you made it seem like as if... you're just messing around..
    or probably , he wanted to get into a serious relationship with you.. while you seemed that you're not looking for that..
    He thought that you may probably wanting some company or using him as a rebound

    • Well I understand that you may be a bit worried or scared that he might be just looking for sex.
      but well.. you can do something to have him on his knees.. while not going for it.
      just be teasy.. like.. you can tease him using your own physical traits & movements from time to time.. like having him touch your boobs accidently by pushing yourself into him.. or doing these sort of things accidently.. so he'll be craving for more.

    • he knows im a virgin. he has touched me tho

    • i just freaked when he asked that, cuzz its too soon so i didn't believe him.

  • Trust is given then struplted away of broken


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