Do you think he got genuinely busy? Why did he do this to me?

So a guy I went out with and I really liked began to talk to me again, I don't know if he was busy. He is a farmer and works 3rd shift. And it's been over a week since he's talked to me last. We went out on the date and he seemed nervous and shy. I really liked him, but then he just stopped talking to me I don't know if he got busy so I just kinda moved on. And now he started to talk to me again. He said he really likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend. I don't know wtf to do.

Disclaimer, he said he wanted to make me his girlfriend. But he asked me when he wanted to get food again. We got food today and we vibed really well. He smiled a lot, and seemed a little nervous lol. But we plan to do it again sometime, he said "we need to do this again" (it would be our third date, whoop whoop)


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  • Your description of things leads me to believe that he was mostly busy, but because he is nervous and shy, he doesn't put himself out there much. If you like him, just let him know that you are interested in hanging out with him, and ask him when would be a good time for him. If he doesn't start to loosen up more after the next date, you can let him know that you would like it if he called or texted once a day, like just to say good morning and good night. The more he gets to know you, the less nervous he will be.


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