How can I trust my bf?

He has never cheated. But, he has done some dumb things that make me question his though processing (things that have to do with online interactions/accounts). Anyways, he has been with me for 1.5 years, and i always assume he is out to hurt me. I was in a 2 yr long abusive relationship before i met my new boyfriend. And my boyfriend made me see every woman as a potential threat. Now with my new boyfriend, i feel threatened by every woman, even though he has been very loyal. I still am afraid.


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  • Yeah that’s not gonna be easy to deal with but you have to consult a therapy to feel more confident and comfortable with yourself and the relationship.


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  • The difference here is that he has proven to be loyal. Go with that. Because if you do not trust him he will have no reason to trust you, thus no reason to be loyal to you, and vice versa.

  • Why are you with him?

    • Because i love him. I know he is a good guy, and i know he loves me deeply. However, at certain times i cannot distinguish his intentions (even though when it comes to me and our relationship, they are always good).

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    • Yes romantically? How not?

    • Because trust is a component of love but if you don’t think so then have fun with that. It’s worked for you so far

  • U can't


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