My message to him, not yet sent. I need advice. Q is at the last part. Sorry it's kinda long details?

"Boo, thank you for being kind to me. by the way, it feels great to feel special sometimes. I miss smiling at someone special to me, that time you kissed me in the head melts my heart, that tight hug in the middle of cold night was special to me. You draw a real smile to my face everytime. I think I'm falling for you. Think Im really am already. But I need to let you go. I need to stop telling weird boring and annoying stuffs about myself like a spoiled crybaby girlfriend. Altho I don't know what am I to you. Well, i kinda sense what I really am to you tho but it's all be fine. I'm scared whenever I feel in love. I don't want to bother people. I hate dramas. That is me."
Because, we have mutual understanding, like we like each other. We started talking, until we became close. Making it short. Until sex happened. It becomes sweeter after that night, like he is my boyfriend. I am falling for him every single day, because he calls me names like love, you're my boo, baby, babe. And he's sweet to me. But I don't know he never mentioned love for me, like what he feels. Or what am I. Sometimes, when we're together, he's so sweet and want me in his arms, like he really want me or care for me. But when we're apart, I have to wait 30 minutes before he texted me or more than that or sometimes he won't reply. I even told him some of my problems but he'll reply short message. I even thought about trying weeds, drugs, and he support me with weeds thing like through text he said that but never did it yet. Like I feel like he actually don't care about me. Like maybe, he just want me sexually or like a thing to play for today to make his day not boring. He's been good so far but I feel burdensome in many ways. Sometimes i wanna ask him but turned our that sometimes i think I already know the answer.
Do I have to directly let him go like that? Say goodbye, without asking he's real intention? Or shoulf i do something to prove of what he's relly into me? Like a test.


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  • Talk to him before letting him go... tell him your opinions and what you feel for him... and take it from there...

    • What if he don't like dramas too. How to tell

    • There shouldn't be any drama anywhere... you like him... ask him if he likes you for sex or more... simple...

    • Thank you so much. I'll have to do your opinion guys.

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  • Going directly and asking him is good enough but here r some cues I can give , if you text him to have sex and replies immediately and rest of the times he doesn't reply or replies late then, its a matter to worry. If he doesn't take any efforts to keep you by his side again a matter to worry. If u guys meet if he's free only then again a matter to worry.
    But just before you go be straight , and independent ask him what he wants if he plays around then just tell him clearly about your doubts and leave

  • I think you should ask him! Send him the message you wrote. Maybe include details about asking if he wants to be serious with you.

    • I don't know how. 😔

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    • Good**😂

    • Thank you 😊

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