Are we better as friends?

I was in a short relationship with this guy for a few weeks. He left shortly and I was quite affected by it. He sent me a super long text explaining his circumstance and how a long-distance relationship is not for him at that point. He told me that I could 'block him on social media or whatever I have to do'.
And so I did.

After a while I felt less affected and I unblocked him, and he messaged me almost immediately, asking me how I've been. In his responses, he also included where he will be in the next year and the period of time that he will be there.

He already told me not to wait for him.

Is it better that I just take his answers at face-value?


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  • If you love that person a lot then it's better you don't stay friends with him.

    • sigh i guess you’re right

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