How to I make a move?

So there's this Co worker that I find really hot. A couple of issues though. she's quite low on the ladder, so making a move can be construed as harassment since she might feel pressured to not rebuke me if she wanted to. I'm divorced, so my past couple of years have been more about building up my confidence. I'm not quite myself since the split up. also. Point number 3. Muslim, Pakistan. Conservative work place.


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  • You know, I don't know how things work out there, but if this were the US, I would tell you that you need to look elsewhere. Work is not the place to find a date and you're just going to put yourself at risk for a lot of drama if you pursue this. Do things like this sometimes work out? Sure they do, but there are a gazillion women out there so there is no need to go for one that will get you canned.


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