Does this girl really know what she wants?

I've been seeing this girl for several weeks while her internship the city I live. We go into each other quickly and kept chatting with each other ever since she left the town. My intention was never to date her, mainly because I was not interested in LDR. But since we kept talking to each every single day since she left, it seemed like there is something more between us.

Other day I asked her if she's ready to meet up again. Her answer was positive, but she wanted to have some time to think about it and get used to that idea. Which was totally fine for me. I didn't want to push her into doing something that she's not ready for.

Few weeks passed when finally I had a chance to mention this topic again, she got furious with me that I am putting all responsibility on her by letting her choose the time for our meeting.

If it would be a meet up at local coffee house, it would make sense. But in this case we were talking about meeting up in a foreign country. It requires ahead of time planning from both sides of us.

But she kept on blaming me that I am putting too much responsibility on her shoulders and that the the man should be the one that plans everything. I felt like punching my wrist to the the wall. I was trying to plan the f****ing trip and needed to know when is she available to travel. Not because I wanted her to choose particular day, but because I needed to plan my vacation ahead of time. For the reference, she is working as a freelance, while I have 9-5 job.

She kept on insisting to provide me with proper answer and kept on bullshitting that I am not the man of action.

If you're thinking that she might be afraid to say NO to me, it is not the case. I am definitely sure that she wants to meet me, but is damn confused to make straight-forward decisions.

Have you ever had this kind of situation? How did you solve it? Any inputs would be highly appreciated.


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  • If you want to meet her, you'll have to plan it yourself.

    • I am doing so, that is why I am trying to to get to know when is she available for a meet up.

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