Is this guy and I dating, or is it purely just sexual?

I met him a few weeks ago through some friends and we sort of clicked. That night, us all ended up watching a movie and he told me to come and sit next to him. He asked me how I was getting home and offered to give me a lift which I accepted, we live on opposite sides of town so it was a bit of a drive. We then caught up soon afterwards, he shouted me lunch and we went back to his house. I met his parents and ended up having dinner with them. He said I handled myself really well with his parents. That night, we just sort of cuddled on the couch together watching tv shows. He would kiss me on the forehead but not a full on kiss. There was definitely an awkward feeling because we both knew we wanted to get closer (sexually) but didn't know how to go about it. He asked me out again, we organised a dinner (held my hand going to dinner) and went back to his afterwards to watch more tv. His parents then went to bed and we ended up having sex in his room. We were kissing for a while, passionately and he pinned me down a few times by the wrists and ed me quite hard and fast. I loved it though. It felt like we both released all this sexual tension. He dropped me home again. He has picked me up and dropped me home every time which is kind of him, considering one night it was raining heavily. He texted me saying that he had that night and asked about my day. He invited me to another outing. When we had dinner together, he told me that he shy hence maybe not talking to me about what exactly he wants. We've been texting in the last day or so as well organising our next meet up and that I might stay the night. When we text, there's lots of emojis and kissy faces so clearly flirty with each other. Oh I find he compliments me a lot too, about my hair (saying it's seriously gorgeous), my skin, my nails, my jewelry.

Edit : he bought me a Christmas present and dropped it at my house before he went on holiday.


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