How to make her want me more?

I always tend to be available when she needs me, both sexually and emotionally but she is not always there when i need her. Ww love each other but somehow I feel the one who is under her. How to make her feel my importance, and want me more.


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  • Ignore her for a period of time and stop showing her too much affection and she'll be all over you

    • You sure?

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    • If you overdo it she may not give you the affection you want then you should go back to normal and try again, if it never works it means she doesn't really love you or care about you, but believe me this thing is gold it works almost everytime BUT ONLY if you know for sure she cares about you it doesn't matter if she shows it often, if she cares she'll notice and she will miss the affection you denied her and she'll be back for more and she has to show you affection in order to get it (supply and demand)

    • Okay thanks

  • Communicate how you feel so she knows this.


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