I can't read their minds! How do I know how they feel about me?

If I'm physically attracted to a guy and want to date them, should I just tell them that verbally and bluntly straight forward? How do I know how they feel about me and if they are interested and attracted to me too? Like, I could think a guy is good looking... how do I know if they feel the same way towards me or not? Also, I know looks are not everything, but that is the first thing I see. I just don't know how to tell if they feel the same way about me or not. :/ Because I know that not all guys I find good looking will find me good looking in return and not all guys who find me good looking I find good looking in return.


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  • You could take cheshire's advice, it is true and good, and its one way of approaching this. A lot of guys would love to hear those words come out of a girls mouth...plus it takes a lot of pressure off of the guy if the girl makes the first move for once.

    Ill answer one question first. You will know a guy thinks you are attractive if you catch him staring at you or peeking glances whenever he gets the chance. Simple things like that are easy signs of it.

    Now, the other way to approach this would be to take it slow, and not be straightforward. At least right away... Take time to get to know them and go on dates and stuff, get him to like you and be attracted to you, then you can tell him you are attracted to him and whatnot. The reason I answer this the way I do is because most people wouldn't really just date someone based off of looks.

    • Thanks a lot for your advice. :) I really appreciate it. But I'm not shallow at all. But honestly, looks are the first thing I see in a person and if I am not physically attracted to them, I won't date them because I know that it won't work in the long run. I need first physical attraction, and then second, personality. Does that make sense?

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  • well, actually you can almost read their minds, there is one amazing book about men's behavior and what guys want women to know. you will be amazed.


  • *chuckles* my dear best way to know something is to ask.

    Be blunt! :) Be Straight forward! There are guys that are really into that in a woman. :)

    • Okay, thanks so much for your help! :) I really appreciate it and will try it for sure. Thanks again!

    • Sure thing! :) Best of luck with it.

    • Thanks again. :) Oh, would you mind telling me how you think it is best to ask them? I can't think of the words to use! :/

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