What is it that is happening between my male best friend and I?

So my Relationship with my best friend is becoming weirder day after day. We never showed any sign of jealousy before , but now he gets mad whenever I post a picture with one of my male friends and he acts as if I'm not allowed to have crushes. It all started when we began talking a lot more than usual and calling each other late at night to chat for hours. Since then he started telling me that he loves me multiple times a day , and he keeps saying that I'm the only female that he's talking to. I started having feelings for him to be honest and now I don't know what to do, whether he likes me more than a friend or if he is just being nice to me or whatever. And by the way he calls me cute nicknames all the time and he makes me feel so special to him. And he gets annoyed when I call him "my brother". So guys what do you think? Is there a chance that he likes me or not?


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  • He lokes you for sure... even inhad a friend who used to get annoyed when. i called her a sister...
    Has nicknames means you are definitely very close to him!
    Also a bit of jealousy... though that's not right.
    So i think he is into you!

  • He obviously likes you. The signs are all over the place. If you have a best friend, you don't get jealous over nothing and don't call her cute nicknames just because of friendship. I'm saying this from experience. Best frienda of the opposite sex do work, but not this way. If you like him, go for it!

  • He likes you...


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