I am jelaous of my girlfriend history! Should I leave her? I am thinking of breaking up with her after holidays not to hurt each other anymore, Help?

I have been dating her for almost 3 months. I am 18, she is 15. I wanted to find someone special for a long time. I never had a real girlfriend through highschool as I was kind of an ugly duckling and an outsider. I only had some girls with which I kissed for a night and maybe more physical but never had sex or a relationship. She had a couple of boyfriends she told me about.

She just came out from a relationship with a 19 year old guy she once brought home and spent a night with him (she says he only grabbed her vagina... she said she was scared to have sex), but he cheated on her. She had one older dude that was also going to college when she was 8th grade for 10 months, but she told me she didn't do anything with him as they almost never met, although he drove her to some festivals when he was home 😤
She is very social and has inbox full of guys as she is quite popular (nothing to worry about as she showed me her inbox even though I didn't ask her too). Her parents are divorced so she goes out clubbing till 6 in the morning, drinks and dresses however she likes. We tell each other everything honestly, our history, intentions. I told her everything about how I feel. She understands and tells me not to worry about it.

I am very dissapointed since I wanted someone for so long, but I am so jelaous of her expirience! 😤 It is such a bug! I am not even that attracted to her because she is beautiful. Sure she is cute and also a girl so I can't go against my sexual orientation. I like her because she is honest, very smart and fun, she has fallen for me as I did for her. She calls me a boyfriend and thinks we are in relationship and tags me on social media. But I am so careful of bonding, since I don't want just physical and sexual relationship with her. We were both obviously just looking for someone to love. She is chasing serious older guys because she thought they were serious, but all they ever did was just use her.
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  • Talk to her. Tell her what's bothering you. If she indicates that she's gonna change something (anything) for you, then she's a keeper for now. You must appreciate that she's gonna try for you. However, if she tells you to leave her alone or mind your own business or any other repulsive thing, break up with her.

    • I already did. She saw it in me too I guess. Even though I didn't ask of her, she didn't go out if she did she told me about it. She showed me her inbox rejecting guys, she made me come to her place to show her sister maths. She is obviously for real. It is just that I am jelauos, and I know if I get into a relationship, I am going to work hard, be careful and have feelings of bonding, and then what... I have seen love, it makes you happy, full, wonderfull, but once it is gone... I guess I am really more afraid of loving than the benefits of love itself.

    • Then, YOU have issues. You need to deal with your issues or you'll always gonna end up that way.

    • You know what? You are so right!

Most Helpful Guy

  • This story is complete bullshit or she is lying to you. Nobody in college dates someone in grade 8, come on. No club allows 15 year olds in, so that is also total bullshit.

    • Yeah, you probably don't live in Croatia or anywhere near eastern Europe 😂
      It kind of hard to picture it, but there were cases of clubs closed and fined because of dozent of minors were caught consuming alcohol and a lot of police chases and charges have been active. It is so awful when you go out to some clubs and see a lot of children doing alcohol or even worse. I know because I was just like that. I have 27 year old friends dating 16 year olds and a lot of friends that addmited first time they were drunk or smoke was in 4th grade.

      It is kind of sad actually, and nothing to brag about, we have raw (redneck) mentality. Here children start drinking when 13 some later, some even earlier. Depends really. Very high rate of people in area I live ends up alcoholic, alone (old boys or old girls) or so... Try to be normal and you might get laughed at by a people.

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  • You shouldn’t be jealous of her history, if you both care about each other and want to try to make things work than making things work is all that should matter. The guys she dated are a thing of the past and now she has feelings for you.

    • Guess you are right. I know how to treat a woman and kiss her and make her feel good, so I guess I want her to be special. But it is so bothering sometimes when I have a good time with her, I just think like I am just one in the row of a list. When I kiss her hands, I wonder who else kissed her hands the way I do 😢 or lips, or neck, or forehead... I just feel like another name. And I don't want to be that...

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    • Good point... Hard to realize for me. Thanks for your opinion, happy holidays 😉😊

  • No need to feel jealous though for 15yr child she sounds a bit wild and careless I honestly hope she's lying about all that mess. I don't know her to say if she's genuine or just a kid who loves attention so do what you feel but no need to feel jealous

  • Break up


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