Who else feels that non of the girls/guys in there class/school is the type for You?

Hey, like who else feels the way that there is just no one in there school/class that is the type for you? Bc i moved to a new place and i have lived here for like 2years now but i dont feel like there are any girls that are the one for me but there is girl's that you can say are "sexy" as moast guys would describe it as but there are just non that have the type of personality or what i search after when i am thinking aboute a girlfriend BC looks are not all.


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  • I do. All too Immature.


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  • Yes I used to feel like that a lot in high school. Mainly because I didn’t want to change myself to fit in to a specific group. After high school I had no issues with woman

    • Yeah i hope thats how it ends up with me xD

    • You will. Understand that in high school everyone wants to fit in and are swayed by their friends. In the real world, girls are a lot different trust me

    • Yeah bc i dont really want to try to fit into any of the groups that there is at my school. xD

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  • Story of my life. Its either their looks are off or their personality.

    • Yea same here

    • Just looks doesn't have to be 10/10 but there is this one girl that i could match with but she's just gross on the point of hygienic and i bet she dosent shave

  • Sometimes its like that
    Maybe you aren't getting to know them enough?
    Become friends with as many girls as possible. Maybe in the future their personality will grow and develop
    And they will remember you 😉

    Also if you go to college, you will meet many more girls! So dont worry. Also if you dont go to college, there is Tinder, Eharmony, shaadi, etc


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