Nice guys finish last?

Why does it seem like all girls only want some guy that's probably gonna be a dropout and also treats them like garbage. I got rejected for being too nice "your too nice for a girl me" is what she said.


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  • Correction: ass kissing little bitches finish last.

    • Psychology shows women are attracted to narcissists and sociopaths

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    • Hehe. That's a first.

    • Men too, bc guys tend to go after stupid social media fuled girls

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  • Not true, there are two meanings of nice.
    1. Kind, helpful, sincere, down to earth, genuine

    2. Nice as in a push over, soft, doesn't take initiative of their life and let others use them.

    The first term is the true meaning and should be pursued and the second should be ignored since it is bad. It is not good to be a pushover but it is great to be kind or the true meaning of nice. When women say they don't like a "nice guy" they mean they don't like a pushover who is soft they just say nice to not sound mean. However people take it seriously. Nice and confident people are the best! They pursue the bad confident guy because at least he has one of the traits down. If you can be Nice (1st definition) and confident and stand up for yourself then you will win!


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What Girls Said 2

  • Shit well for me I didn't feel like I deserved my boyfriend like id be his first everything and I've done it all and I'm broken and fucked up... so I think what she's saying is you need and deserve a nice girl not a "bad girl" like her

    • Brain. exe has overheated why are people so good at using words

  • She’s telling you she’s a bad girl and can’t live up to your good behavior and character. Believe her and find a nice girl.

    • Thank you l. I really needed that

    • You are welcome! It’s true, though. Girls can be jerks, druggies and drunks, thieves, liars, angry and mean, etc. They aren’t all good for you.

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  • It’s not about being an asshole or nice guy. They want a confident, assertive, dominate male who will protect and provide for them. Just because you’re a “nice guy” doesn’t mean you’re entitled to women.

  • Nice guys finish last because they don't assert what they wan't. Generally.


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