Why would a Girl make her Instagram Private when you've moved on?

So i went out with this girl a several times. She flaked on me recently and i basically started talking to other girls and she's seen it. I also ignored her, but later. Basically i stopped pursuing her.

Basically a day after her flaking/being a no show and me conveying my own disinterest, she makes her instagram private. What is the psychology behind this? Attention?
i dont follow her on instagram.
basically she knows that since i liked her, ill probably check her instagram


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What Girls Said 1

  • you haven't moved on if you're still going on her medias


What Guys Said 2

  • If you still looking at her social media you clearly didn't "move on"...

    • Yea, i didn't really move on. I want her to come to me after she fucked up.

  • She doesn't want to be associated with you in any way that's why she is cutting off contact

    • In regards to your update: I think she doesn't want you to see her pics

    • the thing is she didn't literally cut contact off with me. She just knows that i'll probably check her instagram since i liked her. So now she's made it private instead of public to everyone

    • oh, I don't know why that is. maybe so ill be curious... I don't know

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