Double Text to say Good Morning?

So I started to send my... dunno if thats a relationship or date or whatever to be honest. We never talked about it. Anyways we just see eachother exclusively. Talk on a daily basis and so on. Since I awake before her I send her a Good Morning before she wakes up (I know when she usually gets up). With good morning I mean a good morning, wish a nice day, or ask how her evening was, or if she did something special or has something special for the day ask how it was or wish good luck and so on. So should I even do it, if I made the last messages the day before? Like I asked a few things with pictures and so on (lets say 5 messages in total) and she may not have the time to respond to it. Should I still make a good morning post on the next morning? Or do you think it may be to clingy or something? Or should still make the Good Morning post?


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