Boyfriend gets annoyed and defensive, am I wrong? please advise would be extremely grateful <3?

So I dislike when my man goes to shisha, we're an Indian couple.

Whenever I tell him something I dislike, he gets defensive and says 'don't tell me what to do' and starts explaining himself. He says 'he knows what he's doing' and that I need to stop telling him what to do.

I don't really always tell him what to do it's just that some things if his parents knew they wouldn't be happy?
I care for him and I love him.

on top of that he thinks that there's something wrong and that there is another guy in my life when there isn't, he's the only guy.

What do I say, what should I do?


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  • He thinks that you are controlling his life
    Try to explain to him why you feel that way
    Find the right time
    If you need help you should ask for help

    • Not really, I'm just trying to be caring and this is the man I plan to have a future with but not at this rate, not the way it's going.

    • try to explain to him
      or get help from others

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  • Try to explain your point of view and why you don't like when he does certain things.


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  • You mean he smokes tobacco?

    • No he doesn't but he likes shisha smoking, once in a while

  • He’s possessive and doesn’t deserve you his toxic personality is gonna ruin your relationship

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    • @Nahid1234 hmm you're right I guess and when he's out with friends and I'll text him, he'll b like can u stop texting me I'm out

    • @Torrenava kind of makes me feel bad that does ^ like u can reply once in a while

  • Hi Shujina, Leave him.


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