Dating Asian women?

Im really interested in asia especially japan. So at this point i want to date an japanese girl or at least try to date one. But i can't find any in my local area who ate interested. So here is my qeustion do you any experience dating Asian (japanese) women if so, how did you meet? Are dating sites an option? Anything i should keep in mind?


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  • My friend is dating a japanese girl they go to the same uni and met at a party, sounds a bit strange to solely go after japanese girls that thing kinda just happens naturally and I'd always keep your options open. If there aren't any in your area then dating sites aren't gonna be that useful.

    • Okay i had to say this as well i dont mind trying long distances relationship and i said im interested in dating them and want to give it a try not saying that Asian is my standard.

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  • Yes. Only for 3 months. Communication is important. Do not ignore red flags. Do not expect her family to respect you.

  • A lot of work
    Japanese and Indian woman are the hardest woman to date in asia
    They are very old style
    South Korean woman are great

  • There are dating sites to try Japanese girls for American white boys try several Web sites


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