How to date if you’re really self conscious?

About your looks?


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  • It's possible. First, however, I'd advice such a person to start having more confidence in themselves.

    • But how?

    • It's very common to see oneself as less than what one actually is. To gain gather confidence, one must recognise and realize all the victories you encounter, rather than seeing the hardships as losses. It's easy to find the wrong and harder to find the right, true.. but that's what makes victory so sweet, regardless of how small such a victory may be.

      To start off, if there's something you're displeased with, find out why, and work on it. You too are strong, you just have to find your strength.

  • Bro, take time and learn and grow, focus on family and friends, do the best in school! Dating comes later bro! I know you want to, I did to at your age, but take my advice, don't worry about dating!


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