Help. I have to lose weight?

I just had a baby a few months ago and I've been working out really hard. Now, I'm a 38-27-41. I'm also 5ft 6 and i weigh 155. I thought i was doing great while taking care of the baby, but my husband's really into fitness and he's pushing me hard. He refuses to be sexual with me until i lose another 5 pounds and an inch off my waist. I asked him if it was really that important and that i could go at my own pace, but he just says he wants me to look my best and that I'm not at my best. I like the way i look, but now I'm starting to think i look horrible.


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  • Cut your carbs, maybe eat about 75g of carbs per day. But don't cut them out completely, you need them for healthy hormone balance and brain productivity. And don't eat less than 1500 calories, if not, you will plateau and will not be able to lose more weight.

  • Awww that sucks best way probably though would be to cut the carbs. Honestly and increase the veggies and fruits.

  • He should like/ love you for the way you are and for who you are regardless.


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