Girls, can I please get your feedback on a date idea?

Our first date. Not bf/gf yet just talking for now and seeing where it goes.

Dinner than I was thinking of taking her to a historical house in town that has a 12 days of Christmas tour. This house has awesome artwork and architecture.

Would a girl think this is weird? Or too stiff for a first date?

Also is holding her hand on the first date too immodest?


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What Girls Said 1

  • As a girl I would definitely be into that, I feel like small simple things like that aren't appreciated enough so a girl would appreciate the thought gone into that. About the hand holding, you just have to see what happens, go with the flow as you can't really predict what will happen but if she's down you'll know. Good luck with your date!


What Guys Said 2

  • Dinner is always good of course. The artwork and architecture sounds like something you really enjoy. Maybe stick with a simple dinner for the first date, get to know her better and give her the opportunity to know you.

    I would do the Christmas tour on a different day as the dinner. You could to the dinner on day one and the tour on day three or four.

    Not a reply from a girl, but still hope you found it useful to some extent.

    • Thanks for the response. Im driving an hour and a half to see her so I really want to make it count. Like I want to make an impression and show that I am fun/effort. So do you think it's a little much? Would bowling or Ice skating be better? I felt like it was kinda unique..

    • Considering the driving time, it is worth it to do in one day. And it is definitely unique since it is something that fits your interests/personality.

      Apologies though, didn't know you had to drive that Mount of time to see her. Go with your idea and be sure to have a fun day with her!

  • Are you fuckin' kidding me?

    Dude, you have a great taste in planning dates and you don't realize it, LOL!

    Kudos to you!


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