All my life I have been single, how can I change that in 2018?

I am terrible at dating. I have no idea what it takes to get a girlfriend even though I want one badly. I am awkward with most girls (I have two or three female friends, but I wouldn’t date them). I shut down around most attractive girls. I’m 18.


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  • Can I ask, are you doing everything you can to get a girlfriend? It’s not difficult at all. Every time I see questions like this, I can’t seem to figure out what the deal is. If you really want a girlfriend, try this. Go out during the weekend by yourself in a busy plaza, mall, or thoroughfare. Ask exactly 100 women for their numbers. Be simple, short, and to the point when you do it. Mark each women you ask on your phone or notepad until you reach EXACTLY 100. Repeat this for an entire week and you’ll have plenty of potential numbers/girlfriends. This is a method you can use to also hookup with as much women as possible. Imagine doing this every weekend for 1 YEAR. How many weekends in a year? Well, multiply that by 100 and that’s the potential amount of women you’re interacting with. NO ONE ever tries this WHY? I bet you haven’t.

    • I don’t ask girls out that often, when I have I’ve been rejected even when I thought I would have been successful. Just because your lucky enough to be accepted by girls doesn’t mean others haven’t

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    • Well, then you haven’t tried as much or as hard as you could, which is probably why you haven’t gotten a girlfriend yet.

    • I haven't believed in myself enough

  • You're still 18 bro you have enough time to make it

  • I'm the same but I'm 19 and haven't had a girlfriend so your not alone


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