I always said I’ll never have kids, or date someone with kids. Now my current girlfriend has a child?

I’ve always promised myself that I’ll never have kids. Or date someone with kids. My reason for that is because kids are rude, too much stress, and they have no respect. I can’t put up with that.

My current girlfriend at the moment has a 15 year old daughter. I never had intentions to date this woman. We started off as friends with benefits while she was going through s divorce. Later on we got so used to being around each other. Which eventually lead to a relationship. She’s a good girlfriend who does everything for me. She tells me that she’s in love with me and want to remarry me.

Even though she’s a good girlfriend I still don’t wanna be with a woman who has a kid. I’ve never met her daughter. From what it sounds like. It seems like her daughter is a handful. She had called me many times crying because of her daughter verbally abusing her. Which I know there is no way I’d put up with that shit.

I recently broke up with her and she had a breakdown. She lost a lot of weight. Stopped taking care of herself. The break up lead her to serious destruction. I felt bad for her because I care about her and hate seeing her like this. So were back together and she’s happy again.

I still haven’t met her daughter, but I also made it clear. If me and her daughter can’t get along then we have to split. I’m the type of guy who hates kids. I find it annoying how my sister always has to stop and compliment peoples babies. I honestly hate kids and don’t want them near me.

But I’m willing to wait until I meet this woman’s daughter, and make the decision on our relationship. Gag I need your advice. Should I stay and wait until I meet the daughter? Or just leave?

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  • Stay and wait. Even if she turns out to be a brat, she’s out the house in 3 years


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  • Stay and wait. The kid might be cool later on. Plus u said she's a good woman. I doubt she's gonna make you do daddy duties.


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  • You can do what you want but you knew already she had a child and continued into the relationship so you kinda led her on.

  • If you still don't want kids , leave.


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