Guy went AWOL right before Christmas?

So right before the holidays started up I went on a date with this really awesome guy. Everything went really well, like we ended up spending all day together, he lives 2 hours away so we can't see each other every day but we would usually check in or send a good morning text if nothing else. I had to fly back home for Christmas (halfway across the country) which he knows about. The whole time I've been home I haven't heard from him even though I've tried twice to talk to him. He hasn't been online on any of the social media we are friends on either. So I don't know if I'm being ghosted or if he's also just busy with holiday crap. I'm going insane, help.


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  • Wait it out till after holidays but tbh if he actually likes you he'd send you a holiday message etc

  • Probably busy, wait it out I’ll after Christmas


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