Can I read a girl's mind by her actions 🤔?

Me and my girl are in relationship for 4 year. Now she got a new job and staying in a 2 bedroom apartment where a guy stays in one bedroom and the other for my girl. She give care for him and she is does not want to share about out relationship with him. She get angry if i talk bad or say to stay away from that guy. But when she is with me she shows a lot of love and says we will be togeather for life long. I don't understand her.. do you say what she is thinking and what's running on her mind..


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  • People who say people are predictable and readable are wrong. There are tons of "tutorials" about body language and reading minds and lie detecting. The truth is I find it hard to look people in the eyes, people think I'm normal, no one knows anything about me. I find it easy to hold back things considered "tell tale signs" for things. I don't stare at girls I like, I don't look at the ground or fidget when I lie, I'm totally unreadable, but I imagine it's the same for everyone. Just go with your gut and ask her if you feel like you don't know what's going on.


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