What can I improve about my Tinder profile?

This is my profile so far, and I've been on this for 2 weeks and have only gotten 2 likes. What's something I can do to increase my odds?What can I improve about my Tinder profile??


Most Helpful Girl

  • What your current profile says to me, an actual female:

    All I've gathered is you smoke, which should not be your defining characteristic.
    I'd delete everything thing but sweet, single, and sassy. Come up with some sentences that actually have some meaning, if you can't, just leave it at that. And for the love of all that is good SPELL OUT YOUR DAMN WORDS!


Most Helpful Guy

  • ;-; you're doomed. Worst bio I've ever read. Sorry. No description would be better than this. Backspace x 50 = potential for pussy. That's a direct Einstein quote right there. Take his advice, bro. Nobody cares if you smoke weed and that you don't give a shit. Girls pay more attention to me when I'm not myself and honest. Pretend to be sensitive and care about stuff and don't brag about doing drugs and alcohol. And stop using 👌 and boi if you want people to take you seriously. Don't use abbreviations like "ur", don't mention ed sheeran, shave and smile, you look 15. Sorry if I made you feel insecure, but you'll thank me later.


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  • Take out everything about drugs and not caring. Dont call youself a piece of shit. And dont put yourself down. Girls like confidence (but not cockiness). Say something funny or something that reflects your personality, not that you're an insecure druggie


What Guys Said 1

  • Two words shit. Unless a girl wants to get high and have sex she ain't going for your sorry smile man. Girls want a happy confident guy who looks like he knows how to give her a good night.


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