Kissing bff Male&female?

Is it okay if your bestfriend kisses you once a while

How about if youve previously dated you bff and realized it wasn't working out so you remain besties
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  • Depends on many different things such as age, relationship status of both friends and how you were dating previously. At a young age like you both it may not be normal as well as may giver her the wrong idea and people may assume you are back together.


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  • If you're gay, and I'm guessing you are, then not necessarily a problem.
    Just means he thinks a lot of you and you are very close.
    You already worked out you're better off as friends.

    • Typo, I'm straight and she's straight

    • Ah.. Sorry. I clearly didn't work that one out right. But yeah, amounts to the same answer.

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  • No, that's weird.

  • it depends when one rather remain friends because sometimes it is not the right time to be more than friends. Best Friends last longer.

    • We're just besties now but me and her used to date

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    • She did and i miss her, but she misses me too

    • that is sweet that you both still cherish your close friendship. Yeah I miss him too and I respect his family's desire for him (arranged marriage). I believe we just didn't want to mess up what we already have.

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