Girls do you prefer a shy man or a bold one he's easy going and can talk with every girl quickly , or playful one and why?


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  • That's a trap question there are negatives to both in the end. You want someone bold enough to approach you and be able to uphold a conversation but you do not want him approaching evey woman easily as the likely hood of cheating increases with the more outgoing they are. You don't want someone too shy as men use it as an excuse to not talk and be antisocial. My ex for example was "shy" and even after being together six months and meeting my family multiple times he would disappear to the tv room while everyone plays games like cards against humanity. Leaving me without a partner for the games. Being shy was an excuse to procrastinate and wait for me to solve the problems for him. But he wasn't too shy to cheat on me. Of course you want someone playful, but you want them to be able to tell the difference in right and wrong time to play. You don't want someone that isn't able to chill out and realize while you're doing homework or reprimanding a child etc it's not the time to goof off. But sometime playful enough trends to be able to help defuse situations that otherwise would explode.

    • Don't judge all the people because you ex boyfriend

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    • No need to feel sorry for me life has all kinds of experiences for everyone.

    • Totally agree 👍

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  • bold... but focus on me and treat me as his precious asset when in a crowd

    • What's the problem on shy one?

    • Shy one are Boring... its very hard they take up any initiative...
      Naturally Humans are designed that males start all initiatives, search and fight for his mating partners... and in that process all the shy and less brave species fails... only the strong and bold ones get his partner...

      Thats y eveyone naturally tend towards bold person...

  • Easy going, playful (to an extent) because it aids in the ability for smooth flowing conversation.

  • A combination of shy and playful would be best. But if I could only pick one, I'd say the shy guy. I married one.

  • Talkative one.

    • Shy doesn't mean he's not talkative, it's just somethimg in his natural , like when you meet new people and then when you get used to be with them , everything thing will be good

    • That's why I only answered talkative.
      I don't mind if he's shy but if I always have to be the one to come up with topics to chat about it's annoying.

    • I agree with 👍

  • Bold! Shy guys take too long to make a move

    • Maybe because they skeptical and always asking themself... what if I asked something and i embarrassed her , what if she refused my request , what if she don't like me , what if she's not ready.
      Although I think most of shy people have the same sense of loyalty, they love from the deepest point in their hearts , they know how to appreciate thier partners and how to make sucrfices

    • Come on... why do u think what she may think...
      if you are close to some girl then its all you with her... obviously you won't ask some silly things like eat my poop...
      So dont shy out and be a boy , show you have balls...

      I know by this question u are a shy person... no problem its easy to come out of it... but dont think that you being shy is very good and everyone will love you... thats absolutely wrong... it applies to your career too... be visible in a crowed...

  • I like shy men, shy men are cute.


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