How is Someone's Past Not Relevant?

I get sick of hearing how someone's past is not relevant. Every facet of life uses the past to predict the future. Meteorologists use past weather patterns to predict future events. Insurance companies use a person's past driving records to assign risk, insurability, and ultimately auto insurance premiums. They use smoking history to determine premiums for health and life insurance. Past lifestyle can be a somewhat reliable indicator of life expectancy. Your credit history is relevant to banks when deciding to grant a loan and to determine the interest rate you pay. So how is someone's sexual past supposed to be different? Which has a statistically higher rate of cheating: Someone who kept sex in the confines of an LTR or someone who slept with 100 people? So, a woman meets a guy who has children. She finds out that he doesn't see them or pay child support yet still falls in love with the guy. What makes you think that you are any different? My favorite one is when someone sleeps with someone in a relationship and the person in the relationship leaves their partner for the person they cheated on them with. If they cheated with you what makes you think they won't cheat on you?


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  • I absolutely agree with you. Past is really important and it gives an indication as to what kind of person you're dealing with. I used to be naive enough to not pay neglect people's past before but I don't anymore, after learning a lesson


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  • 100% agree sir. I’ve said this time and time again but women and weak white knight men, seem to disagree...

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