I am crushing on a girl at a part time temporary job?

Obviously the last thing I want is to make her uncomfortable so i have not made any moves yet. Just trying to read her but its hard.
Our supervisor had her give me a ride in her personal car so i can pick up the company vehicle. It was the first time since 2011 i got butterflies in my stomach and only said pretty much what i had to say, the ride was literally a minute long tops so not much time anyway. I shared a little about my future plans and she didn't share anything about herself. Since then she smiles at me i smile at her but nothing she does is a clear sign of her thoughts about me. This is over the course of two or three days so far. I added her on social media yesterday and still waiting to see if she accepts the follow request and follows back. Not sure if I should message her Merry Christmas or not.

Also her car has stickers from a college one of my old friends went to.


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  • Strike off a conversation about her college experience you know try to Bill's a comfortable scene and scenario some people want you to be straight out in the open about it or drop a little subtle hints me personally I would just come straight out with it but that's just me

  • Talk to her like she is your sister... seriously... show no interest in her, like having a talk with a buddy... if you fail, she will know...


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