Is it wrong to break up with boyfriend who won't brush teeth at night or go to the dentist?

Hey everyone,
My boyfriend has not been to the dentist in 10 years. He claims due to lack of insurance and life circumstances he couldn't go in the past. Since I lived with him I found out he doesn't brush his teeth at night, and he doesn't floss. He only brushes 1 x a day in the morning (which I find a big turn off : ( When I ask him to brush his teeth at night he gets all upset and won't do it. I'm a dental assistant and when I got him in to the office I worked at, they found out he had 9 cavities and periodontal disease. The hygienist said she cleaned as much as she could, but he still needs a "deep cleaning" and should get his teeth cleaned every 3 months. This bothered me because I had hoped he would be in decent shape! Well, I made a dental appointment for him somewhere else that took his insurance. He missed that appointment, which bothered me. I let it slide since his work was very busy. (He works for himself as a contractor). So a few months later when things settled I started to suggest he make another appointment. He has not done it. The other night I didn't want to french kiss him. I told him if he wanted to be with me, he'd have to start making time to go the dentist. At this point he got very upset saying he doesn't like "ultimatums". I apologized and tried to move on, but the next day he was still irritated that I gave him an ultimatum. I couldn't take it, and we broke up. Now I can't believe I broke up with someone because they won't brush their teeth at night or see a dentist. I love him, but I see it only getting worse. Any suggestions here?
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Thank you all for your support. We broke up yesterday (Christmas Eve), so it's been especially hard. I know it's for the best though. 2018 will bring better opportunities!
Is it wrong to break up with boyfriend who won't brush teeth at night or go to the dentist?
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