Is this wrong? Please read?

So the boy who I’ve liked for 5 years... Please no rude remarks. I know I need to get over him, okay? But he constantly pulls me in, okay? I don’t even know if he truly likes me nor do I care at this point. So here’s the story. He said we’ve been kinda seeing each other, and I agreed! So of course, I’m excited because I think we’re starting to become something! Well, I thought “I’m gonna do something very special for him for Christmas!” There’s this basketball team he LOVES and wants to go to the university as well! And we both live near there! So what I decided to do from the bottom of my heart was to buy 2 tickets to the game for New Years Eve, making the total $120. And I told him these tickets don’t even gotta be for him and I. He can take anyone he wants with him! As long as he has a good time. So I specifically told him I would drop off his surprise to him after I got off work, so I arrived at his house around 10pm. All the lights in the house were still on, so I was sure I wasn’t completely invading. His dad answered the door, and they literally invited me inside their home and were the sweetest things ever. He was sleeping, so they took it and gave it to him this morning. They thanked me, and I was on my way. This morning, I get a message from him. I’m hoping it’s just a thank you or something nice. Instead, it is a message telling me how wrong it was to buy tickets and that I should’ve told him. Why does it matter? I literally wanted to give him a present to wish him a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and he’s a total dick about it. Basically, all I’m asking is was what I did messed up? Like I don’t care if it was a bad idea or not. I just wanna know if giving his parents the gift and him was bad? Is this “wrong” or is he just a prick?
Is this wrong? Please read?
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