How messed up am I? Am I acting like a child?

After suffering from a big heartbreak from the ending of an international dating session (3 months, I know it's bad considering I only met her for a week and half), I've gone through a month worth of hell trying to move on and make sense of the ending and or relationship in general (no closure). Just recently, I messaged (Happy Holidays) the woman, knowing full well she might block me due to her previous relationship history. After she blocked me I didn't feel happy or sad.. just stuck in the middle. Even now, most women I talk to that seem interesting just seem like rebounds. Yesterday I noticed that if a woman tells me about an ex that cheated her before or having trust issues (much like the last woman) I will stop conversing with the shortly after.


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  • It'll take time for those feelings to die. Distract yourself. Work on yourself. Focus on you and nobody else for a while. The right girl will notice your efforts and appreciate you for who you are.

  • Denial defense mechanism

    • I don't deny that it happened, far from that.

    • Your actions do

    • What about my actions indicate that? I've written half of a memoir about the three months and openly discuss it.

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