Recommandations for a first date?

I think the title is self explanatory
(If more details are needed just comment)


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  • Know your girl's interests. If she's simple, keep it simple. I know fancy dates doesn't matter if your girl isn't materialistic or something. But I know the presence of the both of you is enough. But for a first day, make it a memorable one. :)

    • Yea thats what i had in mind but, i mean i thought of maybe just stroling through the city and go grab a cafe or tea midways.

    • That'll be fun!! But the important thing is that you'll make her laugh. You should keep her entertained. :)

  • Do you know what she likes to do? Rather than the classic coffee and talking maybe you can do something fun together? For this time of the year, maybe ice skating or something could be an option? You know, so in case it gets awkward you won't be forced to stare at each other the whole time🤔😉


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