How do I handle strict people?

my sister is a very strict person... its like she can't enjoy life and socializing she just works works works... study study... i always tell her that no matter how hard u work u will nvr be succesful cause... she isn't pretty... i know for a fact that succesful women usually get succes cause of their looks... i on the other hand im very calm... social.. not very ambitious... i know that its not what u know but who u know


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  • First of all, no matter what you should always support your relative no matter what they choose to believe/act... You can't tell her things like : you'll never be successful...
    That's really bad you're there for each other.
    2nd of all, i think every person is different from one another you can't call it strictness maybe she's actually enjoying her work..

    Lighten up on her and try to support her it will actually be better and she will respond positively to you.


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  • I can relate to your sister. I learned self-discipline, work ethic, and so on at an early age. I’m often criticized for taking my studies too seriously. For being to candid and too serious. For not playing all the games girls play. I do have a social life, but if there’s a conflict between study and play, study trumps play time. I enjoy most of my studies, so it’s not necessarily strictness. It’s more an unwillingness to squander an opportunity at an education to better myself. It only comes along once. Looks and nepotism will only get one so far, at some point you have to be able to do something. Recommend not trying to mold your sister into your image. Doesn’t appear that she’s trying to mold you into yours. Just accept your differences and support her. If for no other reason, because she’s family.


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  • Your demotivating your sister. Its not the a person looks which make them successful.

    Sometimes women get jobs because of their looks but most of time its their hard work.

    Maybe she has some big dreams in her life to do but you can break her dreams by demotivating her.

  • Fight fire with fire.
    Ice with ice
    Dragons with dragons.

    You understand where I am going with this?

  • passive aggression usually makes them look like an ass so thats a tool and you should just do your best, thats literally all they they can ask of you. Sincerely good luck


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