When to ask again to hangout?

I've been talking to this girl for the past couple of weeks. I asked her out a couple of weeks before finals and although, she said she was busy the first time she gave me another date. Unfortunately, the other date was again rescheduled because of finals and studying. She said not to take it personally and we'll get together next semester. From the text conversations we have had, I am pretty sure she's still interested in me and was just busy. This was before the 4 week lull known as winter breaks for our college.

Inadvertently, I will be visiting friends in her hometown over break and was wondering if I should make plans with her. Typically, the answer would be a resounding yes, however, she has already told me she will have a friend visiting her in the week I am coming. Would it be better to ask to make plans then (knowing she may already tell me no because of her friend) or to make plans with her in the class we share next semester? What is my best option here? Thanks


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  • If I understand correctly, she doesn't know you will be in her hometown for that week yet? If that is the case, shoot her a message about it. If she does have some time that week, she'll probably tell you outright. If not, just pick a date next semester when you see her again.


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