How do I ask a guy if he wants to hang out or just wants sex without being too assumptive or confrontational?

We've visited each other already but we haven't seen each other in for a long time. We keep in touch several times a week but I can't tell if he's only interested sex or if there's potential for something more? He wants me to visit but I'm unsure of him.


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  • Have you asked him what he wants from the relationship between two of u

    • I have asked if he's just interested in sex or if that's all we would do if we lived closer and he said no it wouldn't be the only thing. He said we would go out or watch games or hang at eachother's house. One time he joked that I would be his wife but that was a long time ago like on our second date. Im very unsure because we live far apart and I can't really gauge his interest except that he texts me almost every day.

    • I'd say that says a lot

    • Some people say I'm just hearing what I want to hear so I just feel uncertain

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  • Well first don't go out the first time to his house!!
    You're then setting the standard and unconsciously telling you just want to be a friend with benefit..
    If you want more or find out if he wants more you should ask him out in this fashion e. g: I'm going to the mall later on if you'd like to join..
    Or maybe hint that you want to try a new restaurant or something similar..
    It's hard at first but if it's good it will click and voila you'll be in a relationship :)

    • Well, I'm embarrassed to say but we already had sex so that's why I can't tell if that's all he wants or if he's interested in more. I feel like I've asked him what he wants and I'm still uncertain of him because I don't know him that well yet. And I don't want to assume the worst but I want an idea of what he's after so I don't waste my time

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    • That's true :)

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  • There, in a nutshell, is the conundrum facing ladies in the dating game...


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  • I'm currently in the same boat.


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