I’m confused what should I say?

Okay so i messaged this guy and we talked over the summer, and it was whatever and he seemed interested but then he kind of just stopped caring so I moved on, yesterday I post something on my Instagram story he responded saying that’s unbelievable because it a really great piece of art that I posted and I was surprised and I said yah Ik I love these types of things whatever and then he seemed uninterested and I’m the one trying to keep the convo going and then I told him merry Christmas hope you had a good one and he just said merry Christmas to you too seemed emotionless and then he goes thanks, so blantly what should reply back?


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  • Wait and see whether he starts convo again or not.

    But wait for max 2daya


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  • In my experience men seem to think that you've never been told your pretty before or your art work is good blah blah blah. So they expect you to say thank you. But when you say I know, for whatever reason guys think that, that makes you stuck up or a bitch or whatever. It's guys being insecure and immature. Don't waste your time. He feels good when your chasing him, making all the effort is not fair to you. If he's interested again, he'll talk otherwise don't push it. I mean frankly if you see him again in person tell him to quit playing games. But as far as a response, I'd say, you're welcome and have fun.

    • Then just let it be. Don't make an effort if he won't do the same

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  • You shouldn't reply
    It'd seem as if you were running after him
    Don't give him that feeling that you're always right there whenever he feels like it

    • That’s what I was thinking like it feels like he doesn’t even want to talk yet he’s the one that messaged me?

    • Yeah but still, don't act as if you depended on him.. if he wants more he'll for sure message you

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