Is a guy boring if he doesn't use Snapchat of other social apps?

I really just don't see the point when you can send pictures to friends in texts and stuff. Like it's just a more complicated way to do what you can already do (not that its complicated) but it's just redundant. Plus I really don't care much about social media either but if I want to occasionally rant or post a comment about something, I will use Twitter, and if I really have something important to say or want real discussion with friends or family, I use Facebook. But like, I pretty much never use it.

Better things, or more practical things to do I guess.


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  • Ok if you don’t have social media apps but you are using your time wisely and becoming wiser and improving your skills it’s fine.
    But if you are just lazy that sucks, the way the world is going these days... you should keep up with you image, should try and seek some opportunities so that you could benefit from the social media app.

    • I work in the engineering field and honestly social media can get you in trouble if you aren't careful. Also people carelessly tagging people, you can control yourself but not others. It's not just proprietary things but lifestyle too. Lots that can go wrong and these companies do background checks and don't hire idiots. It's important how you present yourself.

    • That’s nice to know! Strong point!

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  • Then I must be sooo boring and I loove it

    • Feels good to not be on that garbage. It's just people bragging about their (often times) stupid relationships, or their accomplishments.

      Cracks me up when people get on there and are like "I'm excited to announce..." like they think everyone cares. It's just an ego stroking tool.

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  • Nah! Not at all! I’m the same way too! XD I've Only had gag as my social media app for years!. Recently about a month ago I barely made an Instagram only cause of my boyfriend. XD so i must be FUCKING BORING XD.

    • Oddly enough GAG also entertains me more than any social network app! 😂

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    • Well I mean I don't go on them making drama with people, so no problems for me really, it's just ehh, I can really do without them.

      This is just a great site to express yourself and see what people say. Lol

    • Yeah I get you xD. Plus that’s what texting and calling is for. X).
      Yeah! And I enjoying reading/ sharing opinions. It’s pretty interesting

  • No disrespect but yeah. It makes you boring


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