Does he really like me or just want to play mind games?

There's this guy that I used to like last year. I was always staring at him and he didn't like it. He talked about me to all his friends. He pretended to flirt with me. I stopped showing him attention, but he didn't stop talking about me. This year, he's in one of my classes. I was still looking at him for a while, but then I completely stopped. He noticed it and started to glance at me a lot. He always looked serious as if he was studying me. I often caught him staring at me for so long until I look away.
His friends would always look at me when I walked past him. A lot of time, his friend pushed him towards me. He's shy and always smile back to me. When I was playing around with some guys, he would look at me so much after.
I was a little bit interested and usually looked back at him. He tried to flirt with me sometimes. I tried to ask him what's going on and he didn't tell me anything. So I concluded he wasn't that interested. Still, he was trying to be around me. I always saw him looking at me. When I was talking with other guys, he would stare at me from afar. I tried to show him that I was interested and he responded back.
I ignored him to see how he would react and one time, he looked at me sad. Later on, he tried to avoid my eye contact. He's comfortable around other girls, except me. When I was near him, he would look at the ground. I again tried to talk to him but his answers were short (yes/no) and he didn't continued the conversation. He checked me out once and used to look a lot at my body. He tried to approach me later on but I was shy. I didn't know if he really liked me or just wanted to play mind games. So as a respond, I just smiled. I do care about him and want to know what he wants. But I'm so afraid that he only want to use me.
What should I do? Give me your thoughts, I really need to understand this. Thank you :)


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  • He likes you, but is probably wondering the same thing about you. One of you has got to make a move.

    • Thank you for responding :)

    • No problem. I can only speak with authority on this because I recently had basically the same situation. From my point of view, I thought she was playing games with me. Which made me shut down, and only show her I was interested every once and awhile. Sometimes when I got brave, and sometimes when she showed interest. Only now in hindsight do I realize and see both sides, she was probably thinking the same thing. She was probably only showing interest when she got brave, or when I showed interest. It was a failure to communicate on both sides. I tried to talk with her, but she'd run off, and I'd never get a chance. Which made me frustrated, and think she was only playing games even more. But she was probably worried I was just trying to use her or something. But I genuinely liked her. While I still have her number, she never responds. I get it, she has a boyfriend. But still, I am left with a feeling of what could have been.
      It hurts.

    • Yeah I understand. Life's short, that's why we need to always try because we never know. One thing that is really important is to take our time. Time will tell everything and also actually living our life instead of focusing on situations. We didn't finish discovering our path. Hope you get better :)

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