I accidently lead a guy on... but it's too soon?

Hi there. So I accidently lead this guy on because all I wanted really was a bit of entertainment. I only just came out of a relationship 2 months ago to a guy who I lost my virginity too and I'm just realising now it's too soon. The trouble is I feel really bad because I miss my ex and the thing is the guy who I lead on is my ex'S friend. I've only just realised now that I miss my ex and I want him back in my life. I feel really bad and I just want to cry because I lead this guy on and I think he's starting to catch feelings. I think I really miss my ex though and I've lead this other guy on. What do I do? I want my ex back... it's not the same with this new guy.


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  • be your self and tell tgw truth. when it is and feels so bad that is were you over forgivness or accept forgivness

  • Well he'll call you a hoe


What Girls Said 1

  • Well when your ex finds out, he won't be happy to hear...

    Really low to go with his friend. Is there no other guys...

    Now you messed it up, just let the guy go now and have some free time until you move on.


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