Do I keep chasing?

here's the basics in a nutshell.
I dates a guy for a few weeks and he became to full on.
I asked him for some space and he became offended in the end I ghosted him for no rhyme or reason
I regretted it and initiated contact a few times even apologising.. he text back ok.. and thanks... minimum effort but polite
I bumped into him out a few times and find out from his friends he was trying to make sure he was in my company
Again not saying much, though when he’s been drunk at the early hours of the morning he has text saying how nice it was to see... and he can’t wait to see me again.
I asked him to meet four weeks bag and he agreed we needed to talk... he cancelled last minute and when I text to re strange apologising again.. he’s taking a day to get back to and never settling on a date.
Today I get the merry Christmas generic text.
Any question is it time to let it go or do I need to make more effort?


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  • Just depends of he is worth it. Is he someone you can see yourself in an relationship with?

    If yes, then make more of an effort.

    If no, then the sea is vast.

    • I guess it was too soon to tell.. though I did see positive things for us I’m not sure what more I can do at this stage. I’m not sure if he wants to forgive and forget or keep me around chasing coz of ego/revenge

    • It doesn't hurt to try again. See what happens. Sometimes people love each other different.

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