Have you ever used any adult dating sites before?

like Adult Friend Finder, Friend Finder X, or Passion Dot Com?

I was thinking of leaving the sex workers alone for a little bit and perhaps start meeting people who share the same interests a me. I figure that these site might give me exactly what I'm looking for since they are straightforward and connect you with grown folks who want exactly what you are looking for in life, I mean I am 30 years old so I'm guessing it won't be so hard anymore.

again IMHO these sites sound like they are the true F'ing deal, unlike lousy ass Tinder where 99% of its users use it for

- Free dinner

- Attention

- Play bullshit mindgames

and many other self entitled agendas. again I know what I want, know my boundaries and have no regrets so I expect to meet people who are in the same page as me. but before I open an account with these sites I would like to hear you have previously used any of them in the past and please explain to me your experience. don't care if its good or bad I just want to find out if they are worth the time and money


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  • They all suck. Never had any luck on any platform, tried nearly every one. All dating sites are companies that all have problems matching users because they don't use scientific matching methods, instead each company tries to invent its own matching service. Problem is those services leave a disproportionate amount of users still single and unable to date even though they tried.

    • makes sense, but we must not forget that no matter what method they use us guys will always be handicapped we are Brad Pitt or George Clooney's twin brother

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    • just in case I met to say unless we are Brad Pitt or George Clooney's twin brother *

      but that is one reason why I can't wait to get my associates degree already, I want to learn how to create bots. I also been brainstorming an idea of a hookup app that can give us men less of a handicap

    • You don't need a degree to know how to program Java/C++: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8RUmnPL8aQ

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  • to be honest, tinder is the best of them. the rest are pay to join then get the same bullshit.

    redhotpie is meant to be an exception, but i can't justify paying for the chance to talk to people.

    • actually you do pay in tinder if you think about. like i said the people (specially women) who use tinder are there for either free dinner or attention

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    • oh nevermind I take that back, this site right here is roasting it


    • yeah that sounds more like spite than an actual review though. i'd keep researching.

  • Those sites are fake as fuck you have pay to have an account and those naked hot girls you see are bots.


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